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Time-saving and cost-effective solutions reduce manual redundancy and boost team happiness and efficiency. 

Unlock your team’s potential, let them focus on human interactions, and aid them in real-time while providing a seamless journey for your customers across all channels. 

Modern, professional control rooms. Keyboard-video-mouse solutions, ergonomic workstations, custom sized tables, chairs, and high-tech video walls, and much more. 

Design, build, and integrate trading floor systems and solutions, including telephony, voice recording, compliance solutions, and voice trading. 

Communication Compliance

Financial Compliance

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Correspondent Banking

Increase regulatory compliance. Monitor transactions and interactions. Time-saving overview. Record real-time voice, email, and chat. 

Detect, investigate and prevent financial crimes. Automated tools monitor and mitigate employee conflict of interest, cultural, and sexual abuse. 

Bring correspondent banking into the digital age and give banks an automated platform to control banking connections. 

Bring correspondent banking into the digital age and give banks an automated platform to control banking connections.


Danske Bank’s relationship with TM Group is strong and profound. The mix of expert-level know-how, flexibility, market-leading solutions and the ability to meet our expectations make TM Group a valued and trusted business partner for Danske Bank.”

Michael Anker Bernth Hansen

End-user Technology & Collaboration Specialist


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TM Group RPA, Attended RPA

Optimize repetitive processes, put an end to monotonous work and ease your path to digital transformation. Automating your workforce allow your human employees to focus on valuable business 

  • RPA — Back-end bots that conduct repetitive tasks faster and error free. 
  • Attended RPA – A digital personal assistant on every desktop, populating and collecting info on as many apps and systems as needed. 
  • Deepdesk Agent Assist – autocomplete and autoflow boosts typing speed by 50%. 
TM Group Contact Center Software

Understand customers, relieve contact center agents from repetitive work, and deliver services better than ever.

  • Interaction Analytics create a data-driven culture and deliver smarter and faster customer experiences..
  • Workforce Management (WFM) –  Forecast accurately and schedule accordingly with demand.
  • Contact Center Automation – Empower agents with attended RPA and Deepdesk agent assist to reduce AHT and increase NPS.
Compliance Software (Ecomms, voice recording, trading surveillance)

Detect, prevent, and investigate financial crimes. Automated tools monitor and mitigate employee conflict of interest, cultural, and sexual abuse.

  • eCOMMS Surveillance – Emerging technologies like ML and AI detect and prevent market abuse by monitoring and analyzing electronic communications (eComms). We help your organization mitigate risks, improve efficiency and reduce costs.
  • Anti-money Laundering (AML)Combining cutting-edge technology with AML human knowledge increases accuracy, team productivity, and compliance program costs. AML automation combines AI, machine learning, and RPA to handle detection, scoring, alerting, workflow processing, and suspicious activity reporting end-to-end. AML departments may better monitor suspicious activities, focus on the appropriate issues and risks, and automate processes while preserving final decision-making control.
  • Record KeepingCapture and record trade information, customer information, and every communication and easily provide any and every type of evidence requested by either a customer or the FCA, SSA, or other regulators. 
Control Room/Operation center hardware

Modernize your control room/operation center with streamlined data flow, ergonomic design, and reliable technology.

  • Smart KVMOne keyboard and mouse to access, control, and share unlimited workstations and screens, throughout systems. Personalized macro keys and a touch screen with the Weytec smartTOUCH.
  • Video Walls – Modern control rooms need high-functioning video walls and monitors.
  • Workstations – Curved, straight, 10cm wider, 20cm longer, extra leg room, you name it. The client sets the exact measurements and needs.
Trading floor - Voice trading - IPC - TM Group

We are experts in designing, building, and integrating trading floor systems. We offer integrated solutions. including telephony, voice recording, compliance solutions, PC over IP, switches, Zip, Skype, Microsoft Teams, and more. 

  • Voice Trading – Multi-line, multi-speaker turrets with power, speed, clarity, and control. Software-driven, customizable and adaptable dealerboard for delivering compliance, security, and user capabilities. Intuitive and powerful tools meant to benefit your entire organization, including multilingual teams. These powerful devices controls call history, contacts, speakers, intercom, and private lines. Extensive features and a smart UI boost traders’ productivity.  
  • Customer Engagement Management and Business Intelligence – Open APIs allow seamless integration with existing infrastructure. Deployed on premises, in the cloud, or as a hybrid solution, it can record real-time communications from dealerboard devices and virtual trader voice clients along with other UC, trader voice, mobile, and telephony features. 

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“At TM Group our focus is not on our products, it is on our customers.  Our mission is to provide solutions to our customers’ problems. Therefore, our main value is listening.

We are defined by people, not by a building or set of products. You can count on our experts to help guide and advise you on your organization’s digital transformation, at any hour of any day.

After more than 20 years we have become the go to provider of a variety of solutions to the largest banks in Scandinavia. That is our biggest achievement, that all though it has been 20 years, many of the leading financial institutions are still with us, and we take great pride in what this says about us.

Our slogan is “Experience the value of technology” which is fueled by our desire to assist our customers with the best of the breed of hardware and software out there.”

Brian Hansen – CEO

Brian Hansen - Group CEO TM Group

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Legacy systems, unhappy customer and cumbersome operations are costly. We help you save money, time and resources.



Protect you and your customers from fraudsters. Our compliance solutions help you stay ahead of crime.

Champion customer service

Customer satisfaction is the new paradigm. TM Group have the right tools to give your organization that competitive edge your have been searching for.

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